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Harinsa Qatar

Description Civil Engineering -- Civil Engineers - Contracting

24174, Doha, Qatar

Category Civil Engineers - Contracting
Telephone (+974) 44688420

Harinsa Qatar is a recently formed contracting company and is the Middle Eastern branch of a large Spanish contracting company, Dico Harinsa Obras (DHO).

Harinsa Qatar specializes in the construction sector of the industry and in addition to the contracting arm, we have a concrete division, Al Marzouqi Concrete and we are the agent of Normetal, supplying extremely adaptable metal prefabricated buildings such as site huts.

In addition to the Qatar office, we have an office in Saudi Arabia and are planning the imminent opening of an office in UAE.

DHO is a dynamic and modern construction company with more than twenty five years experience in Spain and overseas.? As testament to it's commitment to quality and environmental issue, DHO is ISO 9001, 14001 and SA 8000 certified.? The technical and financial reliability of DHO allows us to build all types of projects.


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